California Privacy Notice

At SolarPower-Experts, the protection of your information is important to us. As stated in our general Privacy Policy, we comply with applicable law in the places where we operate. SolarPower-Experts’s California Consumer Privacy Notice supplements the information contained in our general Privacy Policy and applies solely to all visitors, users, applicants for employment, and others who reside in the State of California and is provided to inform you, as a California resident, of your rights with respect to information collected by SolarPower-Experts Windows, Inc. its parent and subsidiaries (collectively, “SolarPower-Experts” or “we”).

Information We Collect:

Contact information:

SolarPower-Experts collects contact information provided by you when you visit our Sites. This includes, but is not limited to, names and user names, business name (if applicable), purchase history, billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, the location where you purchased SolarPower-Experts products, and other digital contact information.

Information About Minors:

SolarPower-Experts’s Sites are neither structured nor intended for users who are minors. SolarPower-Experts does not target, promote, or market products or services to minors. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from minors, as defined by law. If we discover we have received Personal Information from a person under the age of 18 years, which has not been properly authorized, we will take reasonable steps to delete that data as quickly as possible. If you are age 13 through 17, you may contact us to specifically authorize the sale of your information. If you are under the age of 13, a parent or guardian must explicitly provide such consent on your behalf.

Demographic Information:

SolarPower-Experts collects information about who you are, what you do, and where you live. This helps us put your feedback about our products and services into context so that we may serve you better in the future.

Location Information:

SolarPower-Experts collects location data obtained from your mobile device's GPS or your IP address, depending on whether you are visiting the mobile or online version of our Sites. In addition to any other uses noted in this Privacy Policy, we may use this location data to find an SolarPower-Experts dealer close to you.

Surveys and Polls:

SolarPower-Experts values your opinions and comments, and we may conduct online surveys or polls. Participation in these surveys and polls is always optional. The Personal Information collected via polls is aggregated and used to make improvements to the Sites and to develop useful content, features, and promotions for visitors to our Sites. The identity of survey or poll participants is anonymous unless the survey or poll either specifically requests Personal Information or otherwise states information is collected.

Other information:

We collect information about the browser you are using as you visit our Sites. We may also track the specific pages you visit, the website you came from, or the website you visit once you leave ours.

How we Use Information About You In addition to the business reasons discussed above, SolarPower-Experts uses Personal Information (collected from you and/or your device) for both system administration purposes, to enhance your experience while on our Sites, to market our goods and services, and to otherwise transact or communicate with you. Consistent with applicable law and the choices you make, specific uses may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Your Rights Under the CCPA: Right to Access and Request: If you are a resident of California, you have the right to request that SolarPower-Experts identify and disclose to you and deliver your Personal Information under our control collected within the last twelve months. This information will be provided in the form of a report to you, free of charge. At the time your request is made, you may ask that the report be in either paper or electronic format. If in paper format, SolarPower-Experts will send the requested information via U.S. Mail. If in electronic format, SolarPower-Experts will send the requested information via email. Once your status as a California resident is confirmed and your identity and request verified, SolarPower-Experts will make all reasonable efforts to provide a response in 45 days but may notify you of our intention to extend the timing of our response for an additional 45 days (total of 90 days). Once your identity and the relevance of your request have been verified, SolarPower-Experts will include the following information in our response:

You may request a copy of your Personal Information no more than two (2) times in a 12-month period. Right to Delete: If you are a resident of California, you have the right to request that SolarPower-Experts delete any Personal Information about you we have collected. Once your status as a California resident is confirmed and your identity and request verified, SolarPower-Experts will delete the information and direct any third-party service providers to delete the information from its records. However, all or part of your Personal Information may be retained if it is needed by us for a reasonable business justification, including but not limited to the following:

Sale of Personal Information:
We sell certain Personal Information to our non-corporate-owned retail affiliates and dealers so that such non-corporate-owned retail affiliates and dealers can set up appointments and market to you. Such Personal Information includes your name, phone number, email address, mailing or street address, and other contact information. Right to Opt-Out of Sale of Personal Information: As a California resident, you have the right to opt out of the sale of your Personal Information by SolarPower-Experts. Please email request to to create a record of your choice to opt-out. If you choose to opt-out of the sale of your Personal Information, we may contact you after twelve (12) months to request authorization to sell your Personal Information. If SolarPower-Experts sells your Personal Information before you opt-out, you have an additional right under the CCPA to request disclosure of the following:

With this, a third party is prohibited from any further sale of your information purchased from SolarPower-Experts unless you receive explicit notice from that third party and are provided a separate opportunity to opt out. Right of Non-Discrimination: SolarPower-Experts cannot deny provision, suggest that you will receive a different price or a different level or quality, or charge different prices for products or services if you exercise your rights under the CCPA. Right to Notification of Financial Incentive: SolarPower-Experts may, on occasion, offer financial incentives, including payments as compensation, for the collection of Personal Information, the sale of personal information, or the deletion of information. Other financial incentives may include offering a different price, rate, level, or quality of goods or services to you if that price or difference is directly related to the value provided to you by the Personal Information. As required by the CCPA, SolarPower-Experts will notify you of incentives when offered. We will only enter you into a financial incentive program if you give us prior opt-in consent that clearly describes the material terms of the financial incentive program. Your opt-in consent may be revoked at any time.

Exercising Your Rights

You can exercise the rights afforded to you under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) in one of two ways.
ONE: Online: make request to Do Not Sell
TWO: By Phone: (954) 251-4644
Please be aware that SolarPower-Experts must verify your identity before certain rights can be exercised.